Office with Four Screens

‘Office with Four Screens’ is designed with an idea of having the office partitions i.e. the screens filled with light, some with life while creating a fun ‘hide and seek’ sort of dialogue with the view outside.

The first screen is designed with glass and customized light made after geometrically dissecting the company’s logo. The second screen plays a little ‘hide and seek’ with inclined planes accommodating plants while also framing pleasant views of the road and the city beyond. The space between the second and third screen is the playground. It is a barrier-free space to allow the customers to collaborate, discuss ideas and offer a semi-informal approach. And the fourth is the most crucial, the backdrop.

The materials that bring together these spaces create a balance of their own. They are minimal yet stands out to catch one’s eye, a perfect balance that complements and contrasts as per viewer’s preference.

Project Type :
Office Interiors
Project Collaborators :
Abhishek Panelia